Just how do those ubiquitous miracle-working white boxes do their thing? How is it that with the press of a button an uncomfortable stinking hot room can be transformed into a luxurious cool den of tranquillity? There’s no doubt that air conditioners make our lives much more bearable during a scorching Coffs Harbour summer. Recently, we’ve experienced hot and humid summers with temperatures exceeding 35C on a regular basis. Consequently, air conditioners are increasingly popular and are here to stay. So, how do they work their magic and how have they changed over the last couple of decades?

It’s Science Bruh

Consider your fridge for a moment. Cold on the outside but always hot around the back where the metal fins are. That’s because there’s always a trade-off. So, if one area is ‘cooled’ it’s because the heat energy has simply been shifted to somewhere else. The principle behind this is a cornerstone of physics called The Conservation of Energy.  Unfortunately, this also means you can’t cool down your kitchen by leaving the fridge door open. This is because whatever amount of cooling you create will be balanced by the heat leaving the back of the fridge and going straight back into the room. With this in mind, what we actually need to do is make the entire kitchen like the inside of the fridge and transfer the heat to the outside.

Inverter Air Conditioners Are More Efficient

Inverter air conditioners may be a little more costly to buy but they will save money in the long run That’s because they’re more efficient. Essentially, they control the compressor motor speed which allows for continuous regulation of temperature. In fact, inverter AC can be between 30% and 50% more efficient than older conventional AC.

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