Is It Time to Replace Your Aircon?

Reverse-cycle aircon is a fantastic addition to any home and at any time of year. But in Coffs Harbour, when it’s both hot and humid, AC is a lifesaver. In fact, for some extreme days, aircon is considered a crucial part of any house, not just a luxury. However, even the best aircon system will eventually need replacing. We use aircon more than any other appliance, so you should expect it to become less efficient over time. In addition, older systems can become very expensive to run as you’ll need to crank them up to get the same cooling effect you once enjoyed. So, is it time to replace your aircon?

Tell-tale Signs You Need to Replace Your Aircon

Not as cool as it used to be – Remember that almost instant icy air your AC unit used to deliver? If that seems like a distant memory, then you may need to replace your aircon. This is particularly relevant if you’ve already tried cleaning the filters and had a service.

Your electricity bills are higher – A sure sign of reduced efficiency with your aircon is an increasing utility bill. This is often caused by a lack of servicing over the years or because it’s just worn out. So, if you replace your aircon with a new unit, you’ll not only be benefiting from a better cooling effect, you’ll be enjoying reduced power bills too.

Moisture build-up – Most AC units create some moisture during regular operation. However, if your old unit is producing excess moisture, it may cause a dangerous mould problem. This mould will need removing by a professional, and the AC checked for possible refrigerant leaks.

Frequent service calls – You may experience issues with your aircon from time to time; that’s normal. But if you find you’re making frequent service calls, then you may need to replace your aircon. In fact, you might start spending more on parts and technician hours than you would on a new unit.

Why not explore your options for a new efficient, energy-saving replacement aircon system with our professional team at Sowter Electrical and Air Conditioning? We have decades of experience and can advise on exactly the right system for your home.