How to Choose a Good Commercial Electrician

Choosing the best commercial electrician in Coffs Harbour can be a tricky task. Coffs Harbour offers plenty of choices but not all electrical contractors are the same. So, what’s the difference between a commercial electrician and a ‘normal’ or domestic electrician? Well, the main difference is that the commercial guys work on larger scale projects often involving the grid supply (Level 2 electricians). For instance, commercial electricians will be found working on commercial buildings, housing developments, and high-rise construction.  Whereas domestic electricians work with fairly straight-forward domestic wiring, commercial electricians often work with complex systems. They’ll also be expected to keep both developers and architects happy with innovative solutions. Let’s look at a few tips for choosing the right man for your job.

Get Recommendations for Commercial Electricians in Coffs Harbour

Start by asking friends, family, and other businesses if they have experience with a commercial electrical contractor. Ask if they were happy with the standard of work, was the electrician helpful, flexible, and good to work with. Also, ask at the local hardware and electrical supplies places. They usually have a shortlist of trusted contractors.

Verify Your Commercial Electrician Has Licenses and Insurances

It’s important to check that your contractor’s licenses and insurances are current and appropriate for the work. Also, make sure they carry sufficient Public Liability Insurance. Without it, as the property owner, you could become liable yourself.

Check Out Their Experience and Training

You can evaluate your potential electrician by asking for references from previous work they’ve done. Also, if they work for a company, have a look at their online ratings on Google and their website. Another good source for verification is the local electrical inspectors.

Finally, when you’re choosing a commercial electrician in Coffs Harbour, it’s important they are good communicators and easy to get on with. Rest assured, we’re a friendly team here at Sowter Electrical & Air Conditioning so talk to us today about your next commercial electrical project.