5 Key Indicators Your Office Needs Electrical Maintenance

Regular electrical maintenance is essential for many reasons. Primarily, it’s vital for safety and for the prevention of accidents. Also, it can help improve the efficient running of your office and save money on power bills. So, if you don’t have a regular electrical maintenance schedule in place, it’s a good idea to recognise the signs when your office electrical system may need some attention. Let’s have a look at the top 5 signs you should look out for.

Your Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

Circuit breakers are designed to trip and instantly cut the power when a fault occurs. Therefore, if your office is regularly experiencing power outages, this probably means you’re not addressing the underlying cause. In addition, constantly having to switch the power back on is also disrupting your business. Circuit breaker trips are usually caused by earthing or overload. The root of these issues might be the wiring itself or an appliance. At this stage, a licensed, experienced electrician should be contacted to inspect and diagnose the problem and take remedial action.

Flickering Lights

Initially, a flickering light might appear to be a minor nuisance, but it can become a major headache for your staff if it continues. In fact, continuously flickering lights have been shown to cause headache, lower morale and energy levels. Technically, an electrician will establish whether the cause is as simple as the lightbulb or something wrong with the circuit, such as overloading.

Warm Electrical Outlets Need Electrical Maintenance

If your electrical sockets are warm to the touch, you’re probably overdue electrical maintenance. Also, cracked, worn or broken sockets should also be looked at and replaced. As a rule, avoid plugging too many devices into the same circuit. Of course, this assumes you’re aware of the location of each circuit. Fortunately, your maintenance electrician will be able to locate them for you.

Sparks When Connecting and Disconnecting Appliances

Tiny sparks are relatively common and shouldn’t always be considered a problem. However, regular sparking and discolouration around the socket face may indicate something serious. This could mean excessive heat, the presence of water, or simply that the wiring and sockets are old and may need replacing.

Your Building Has Old Wiring and May Need Electrical Maintenance

Older commercial premises should be subject to more regular electrical maintenance visits. The wiring could be decades old and even not to the current code. This means the insulation can become brittle and start to fail. Consequently, the electrician will inspect your older wiring and insulation and possibly replace it as required. Furthermore, your electrician can install a safety switch for extra security and peace of mind.

If you think your office or building might require an inspection from a skilled and experienced electrician, why not call us at Sowter Electrical & Air Conditioning? We can also discuss a cost-effective electrical maintenance schedule tailored to your needs.