The Summer months generally mean higher electricity bills. Big energy users are air conditioning and pool pumps. In addition, if it’s really hot, then families tend to retreat indoors, therefore using more power for TV’s, lights and showers. In fact, there are lots of factors in the summer that contribute to rising energy bills. You need to identify these and start saving energy this summer. Let’s have a look at some great energy saving tips you can apply.

Top 5 Energy Saving Tips

  1. Conduct a Home Energy Audit
    A home energy audit involves creating a comprehensive list of all the electrical products and services that your family uses. Also, look at appliance settings and consider if they can be changed. For instance, an obvious one is the thermostat temperature setting for the hot water system. Is it set unnecessarily high? Another easy way to save energy is to unplug any appliances that aren’t being used.
  2. Solar Power
    The cost of installing a solar power system for your home has tumbled over the last few years. Plus, the NSW government are offering generous solar rebates at the moment that contribute thousands of dollars towards the cost. Rest assured, having a solar setup will save you thousands of dollars each year, and protect you from rising power costs going forward.
  3. Use a Cold or Warm Wash Cycle
    Most of the power that a washing machine uses is heating the water for a hot wash. Therefore, choose a cold or warm water cycle. Also, avoid the dyer and use the sun to dry your clothes. It’ll be cheaper and you’ll avoid heating your home further.
  4. Switch to LED Lights
    There was a time when LED lights only provided a harsh blue light. These days, you can buy warm LEDs that create the same appealing light as older filament bulbs. Ultimately, you can expect an energy saving of up to 75%.
  5. Get an Efficient Pool Pump
    Running a pool pump can be expensive. One of the issues is that folks run them for too long each day. So, depending on your setup, ask your local pool shop about the optimum time you need to run yours. Furthermore, if it’s an old model, consider changing it for a modern, energy-efficient one.

Other tips include; clean your air-conditioner filter, buy some house plants – nature’s air-conditioners! Improve airflow through your house, control the amount of sunlight coming in, and finally, consider implementing Smart Technology to control your power use.

If you’d like to explore ways you can save energy this summer, contact our friendly energy experts at Sowter Electrical & Air Conditioning today.