Generally, hot water systems are reliable and durable. In fact, the humble hot water system can last up to 20 years. Continuous flow gas-fired systems last the longest, up to 20 years, while electric hot water systems last between 8 and 12 years. Essentially, the warranty period will give you a good idea of how long it might last. Most people forget about their system until the day it stops working and the water turns unexpectedly icy. This usually happens during winter! So, what should you do to fix your hot water system?

Fix My Hot Water System

If your system has stopped delivering water, then you should turn off the water supply. A serious blockage could cause a leak or a rupture in the system. On the other hand, most commonly, hot water systems will fail to heat the water. Fortunately, the hot water system is a simple beast and diagnosis of the problem is usually quick and straightforward.

Regular Maintenance For A Longer Life

Rather than forgetting about your system and hoping it won’t fail, we suggest an annual inspection. After all, a regular service can double the lifespan of your system and help avoid costly repairs to fix your hot water system. So, while it’s recommended to have your system serviced by professionals,  there’s no harm in checking it yourself from time to time. A thorough visual check for leaks or rodent damage could save money in the long run. A common issue is the TPR or pressure valve becoming clogged. Your local professional will check this and open it up to release water. This sediment build-up is normal and it’s best cleared annually with a complete system flush. Lastly, every system has an internal anode rod that attracts sediment and particle to prevent blockages. This anode will wear out eventually and need replacing.

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