Pro-active maintenance is the key to a long-lasting hot water system. After all, there’s nothing worse than a cold shower on a winter’s morning. And just like your printer always runs out of ink when you really need a vital document printing, so it is with hot water. It’s guaranteed to run cold when you’re in a rush to get on with your day. In fact, hot water is something most folks take for granted until it isn’t there. So, what should you do to make sure your hot water system will always provide an abundance of lovely hot water?

The Essentials of Hot Water System Maintenance

For homeowners, regular visual checks can help to identify any issues early on. For instance, check whether the storage water cylinder’s overflow is normal. An occasional drip is ok, but an excessive amount can indicate a problem. If this is happening, it might be time to call in a professional. At this stage, the issue could be a worn-out relief valve, which is a simple fix. Next, make a regular comparison of your energy bill. A spike in cost can indicate a hot water leak. Again, this could be a simple fix, such as a washer replacement. Because the cost of heating your hot water, after heating and cooling, is often the lion’s share of your power bill, make sure you get it serviced annually. A yearly service will keep your system running efficiently, and it should only take an hour or so to complete.

The Sacrificial Anode

Spare a moment’s thought for the humble, but essential, ‘sacrificial anode’. This selfless and vital water tank part is fitted to attract all the nasty minerals and impurities that would otherwise attack your tank. Because of this, it deteriorates over time and is therefore sacrificed to preserve the system. It’s good practice then to have this anode replaced every five years. If you do this, you can expect many years of extended service from your hot water system.
So, don’t wait for your hot water system to develop a problem, be pro-active to both save money and extend your system’s life span.

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