How Hot to Set the Hot Water Heater Temperature?

Setting your hot water temperature to just right means you’ll be provided with enough hot water for your family’s needs. Plus, you can save money by not wasting excess hot water. However, getting it right can be a case of trial and error. And believe me, the kids will let you know soon enough if they experience the horror of running out of lashings of hot water! Did you know that your hot water heater eats up about 15 to 30% of your electricity per quarter? So, just how do you set your hot water temperature to the Goldilocks zone?

The Ideal Hot Water Temperature

If your water temperature is set too high, you risk scalding. And, you’ll pay dearly for the extra juice. On the other hand, you risk running out of hot water if it’s set too low. Plus, low temperatures can allow bacteria to thrive in your hot water tank. So, most experts agree that 120C is the ideal temperature to aim for. You can look for a temperature meter on the side of your tank. Or, carefully take the temperature directly from the running shower. 120C is regarded as the most efficient temperature that should provide enough hot water for an average family.

Factors Affecting the Best Temperature

From a safety perspective, 120C is the best. Therefore, if you have babies, young children or elderly residents, then opted for 120C. Sometimes though, it’s a good idea to set your hot water temperature to 140C. These include if your dishwasher doesn’t pre-heat the water and if someone in your household suffers from a respiratory disease or autoimmune disease. Other factors include the position of your water tank, how old it is and how exposed it is to the elements. Ultimately, the rule of thumb is that for every 10C reduction in the temperature, you should see a 3 to 5% reduction in your bill.

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